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Setting Up WordPress on Amazon EC2 in 5 minutes

Step 1: Create an AWS Account First things first: you need to create your AWS account. You can sign up here. You’ll have to provide a credit card and a phone number where you will be called as part of the online registration process for verification purposes. Amazon offers a Free

WordPress Youtube Playlist Widget

Youtube Playlist Widget This plugin loads the list of videos from a given public youtube playlist ID using google API. To get started: 1) Click the "Activate" link to the left of this description, 2) Create your Google API key, and 3) Go to page, and get any public playlist

Securing WordPress Against Hackers And DDOS Attacks

You might have heard DDoS attack if you are an online enthusiast. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is an old method that is still being a popular method hackers use these days to put web services out of order by sending out loads of requests to the victim’s server. DDoS attack

What Can Cause Apache Httpd Use 100 % CPU Indefinitely

Ever encountered a situation where your website hosted server is taking 100% of its resources despite the website size & database size is fairly small in size. Problem: Apache Httpd Use 100% CPU Recently one of my friend was facing the exact same problem, his server was using 100% of its resources

Automatic Login WordPress

Ever caught-up in a situation where your are required to automatically log-in your user to wordpress. To allow user to automatically login to wordpress; you could try and use the below code in your functions.php file: [crayon-5adff0079f09e686285270/]